Life has been beautiful for Melecio and Rosemarie Oamil.  Despite the struggles and deep hardships that they had to go through early on in their life and at the onset of their journey as entrepreneurs. Success came when they least expected it, and they embraced it with grateful hearts and unwavering spirits.

MELE + MARIE came to be in the quiet hours before dawn one day in 2012. It was after their daily early morning devotion when the couple decided that it was time to take the next bold step. They had been in business since 1999, but somehow, they felt that their destiny was still being melded for a surprise. Thus, they put a stamp on their vision: to share bits of their life story through their work, as they impart what are life's true riches. Melecio, being prophesied as a mighty designer of many things, took on the mantle of chief designer with humility, creating minaudières and jewellery pieces with great attention to detail and produced by their skilled artisans.

High in value just like their marriage, Melecio’s designs are all related to the victories and adversities of their life as a family with their two children, Hannah and Rome.

MELE + MARIE’s designer pieces are essential works of art with timeless appeal, all made painstakingly by hand. Each item reflects the beauty of life, a treasure to keep, a precious gift to give.

Rosemarie Oamil and Melecio Oamil Owners